A good webcam, let alone any webcam, is difficult to find these days. Merely to place a time marker on this post: that the coronavirus pandemic has proceeded much of America’s workforce to some work-from-home atmosphere. With so many folks in need of basic tech equipment, require for webcams has soared, as well as supplies dwindleprices have unsurprisingly skyrocketed. My colleague Chris Welch has reported about the fad, and many of us here in The Verge have spent much hours (and money) than we would have liked only to equip our house Windows 10 or macOS computers using a decent camera. Fortunately, you don’t have to resist the internet audience to spend less on a webcam which you or never get much use out of when we are on the opposing side of this pandemic. There is an option: some spare (or your own present ) mobile or iOS phone or tablet computer you may have. We are going to start with how to have your Android phone or tablet to function as a webcam on your pc, and then we will move to doing exactly the same with your iPhone or iPad. (By the way, you can also quickly flip into a Wyze safety camera into a webcam, but you will likely get far better video quality in your device. ) These steps work with most Android telephones and tablets Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Webcam apps for tablets Verge How to use your Android mobile / tablet for a webcam there are many apps in the Google Play Store that promise to morph your Android apparatus to a webcam. From the few that I tried, DroidCam provided the easiest setup with the most reliable results. I do not doubt there are far more clever, app-free options to get this done, but for the interest of simplicity, so this is what we’re going with this. Download and install the free version of DroidCam in the Play Store. (It Takes a device running Android Lollipop or newer software. ) The developer, Dev47Apps, creates a desktop client for Windows 10 and Linux (but unfortunately, not for macOS) that you will also have to download on your PC. (Note: I am focusing on measures to use it with Windows 10 in this how-to. ) Ensure you download version because it addresses several problems which may make a hassle if you use a previous version. Download version of DroidCam for Windows 10. Following the Android program is set up, concentrate on getting the desktop app up and running. During installation, you’ll need to permit the program to set up audio drivers. Don’t hesitate to assess“Always trust applications from DEV47 APPS“ should you want. Once the Windows program is running, then you’ll see options near the top of the app window which will Allow You to connect your device wirelessly or via USB